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If you are a young adult and have pictured yourself with dentures, you have probably envisioned a much older version of yourself, perhaps in your 60s or later. Rarely do people imagine a young adult needing dentures, but dentures can benefit anyone who has lost teeth, regardless of age.

If you have suffered an accident, disease, poor oral hygiene, or a medical condition that has caused you to lose all or most of your teeth at a young age, Dr. Thomas Puschak may recommend dentures even though you are still a young adult.

You may feel embarrassed and self-conscious due to large areas of missing teeth or total tooth loss, but your smile does not have to remain this way. By receiving dentures, you can regain your self-confidence, as well as your ability to speak and eat.

Our dentist may need to remove any remaining teeth if they are insufficient to support a dental appliance and will only inhibit your dentures. You can receive immediate dentures that same day as your dental extraction if you are concerned about being in public without teeth. However, please be aware that because your jaw will undergo changes after tooth extraction, you will need to have your dentures relined after a few months.

Another option to consider is implant-supported dentures, especially for your lower jaw, because they offer permanent tooth replacement. The dental implants are surgically placed in your jaw, and then dentures are attached to the implants.

It’s important that you care for your new dentures as you would your natural teeth to keep them bright and prevent gum disease. Our team at Family Dentistry will gladly provide customized instructions for proper denture care when you visit us in Lexington, Massachusetts. You are welcome to give us a call at 781-863-8333 today to learn more about dentures and schedule your consultation with our talented dentist.