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Every smile can benefit from the cosmetic abilities of dental veneers. A highly advanced form of cosmetic dentistry, dental veneers can significantly improve the appearance of your smile by using small, customized shells to enhance the look of your front teeth. Dental veneers can benefit a single tooth that stands out from your smile or be placed on every front tooth to completely transform your smile. Dr. Thomas Puschak offers a list of the amazing benefits you can expect from dental veneers:

– If teeth whitening is not enough to fix the color of your teeth, dental veneers are a conservative dental treatment that can be used as an alternative.

– Dental veneers are stain resistant and can avoid stains and discolorations to keep your smile bright and beautiful for years (maintaining a diet low in staining foods will further the life of your veneers).

– The average life of a dental veneer is 10 years or more, giving you several years with your veneers before replacements are needed.

– If a tooth has suffered severe damage either by injury or tooth decay, a dental veneer may be needed to restore the look of the tooth.

– Dental veneers can also make corrections to mild spacing and misalignment issues in your smile and can be customized to fit your unique needs.

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