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Are you aware of the problems associated with jaw and facial discomfort and what you can do to help strengthen your smile? Every time you put your teeth at risk for various forms of dental damage, you could run the risk of not only damaging your teeth and gums, but also potentially your jaw and facial areas. To help minimize risks associated with poor oral hygiene or bad habits, you might assess what various risks you have, and eliminate them from your life. If you fail to do so, chronic jaw and facial discomfort can arise due to the following causes:

– toothaches
– bruxism
– periodontal disease, also known as gum disease
– TMJ disorders
– arthritis
– poor oral hygiene
– infections
– sinus problems

Oftentimes, jaw and facial discomfort is the result of a problem within your mouth. If you notice that your oral hygiene levels have begun to wane, or you’re failing to properly take care of your smile due to poor dietary choices and unhealthy habits in your life, you may run the risk of chronic jaw and facial discomfort. In many cases, it can even be linked to serious oral health risks such as bruxism, gum disease, TMJ disorders and infections.

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